Monday, 7 January 2013

ETHNICITY 'Hotel Babylon'

TV Drama exam ETHNICITY HOTEL BABYLON Discuss the ways in which the clip 'Hotel babylon' shows the representation of ethnicity using the following Mise en scene Editing Camara work Sound In this essay I will be discussing how micro elements of mise en scene, camera work, editing and sound come together to create macro meanings of the representation of ethnicity to engage the audience. Mise en scene is used to create verisimilitude in a variety of ways. Representational codes of location, costume, and props have been used to create a diegetic world set in Hotel Babylon and representations of ethnicity. I believe the representation of ethnicity is shown as an negative way because the characters in this clip do not get along and the dialogue portrays arguments with in the clip. Firstly the clip starts opens with a wide mid pan shot of the swimming pool. This is used to set the scene for the audience so they receive more of an understanding of the setting. The lighting used is very bright colours this connotes that the hotel are trying to use bright colours to portray to the customers that they are in a tropical country. The first man we see is dressed in a suit with denotes that he works in the hotel. This could also connote that the 'Hotel Babylon' is an upperclass hotel. Afterwards an disagreement occurs with the man who works there and a guest. He is dressed in swimming trunks this denotes that he has used the facility of the swimming pool. It shows that they have a disagreement about a party. This links back to the question as representation is shown in a negative way as the two men from different backgrounds can't agree. The editing that is used while the dialect is being said is shot reverse shot of the characters faces. This is to reveal the emotions of the characters to the audience. The non diabetic sound that is taking place is some upbeat party music using a lot of drums. This is used again to set the scene for the audience to really think that they are in a swimming pool environment. The clip is an linear narrative so this means that the scene happens in a chronological order. We then get introduced two new characters which we can denote that they are cleaners. We can tell this by the costumes as they are wearing white aprons and long pinafore dresses and the props as they are pushing one with a feather duster and bottles of cleaning liquid in. The camera work uses a close up of the door sign to give emphasis of the double star at the lower left hand corner. As the two cleaners walk into the door the editing that takes place is a match on action as we see them again standing in their positions which is in front of the bed a older man is sitting on. This is used because it is unnecessary and not needed to show the cleaners walking into their position. This section also shows ethnicity in a negative way as they are both using each other for different things. Both bad things as the cleaner wants the money and the man wants the show. Throughout this there is diegetic sound of the stereo in the room this is used to set the atmosphere for the show as such. When the lady and the man are walking in the corridor this is using a close up. This is used to show the emotions on the characters faces. Then the editing technique of a match on action used when they enter the kitchen to the place when they start talking to the chef characters. We denote this is a kitchen because of the mise en scene. The costumes are plain white and black which are full trousers and long sleeved shirts. This denotes that they are chefs as they also wear chef hats. The lighting in the kitchen to make the kitchen seem as realistic as possible. The props are cooking equipment for example food, cookers, large pans and chopping boards. The sounds in the background are ambient sounds as they are noises such as clanging, boiling water, and frying noises. We can tell that the two chefs are in a argument and don't like each other. This also gives another example of why ethnicity is represented in a negative way. We can tell that the chef in the black costume is from a different country as his dialect is spoke in a different accent. This clip is portraying us that it is harder to get along with with people that are from a different countries which is a negative. When the two chef's are having their argument there is an over the shoulder shot, this is to show that the chef is wanting to face the man and possibly start a fight. The prop that is significant in this section is the knife that one of the chefs picks up. This shows that the argument is serious to them and they want to start being voilent. There is a close up shot of the knife, this is too emphasis that this is an important prop to the audience.

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  1. First of all Sophie you must address the issue of ethnicity with more confidence! Don't be afraid to say that the clip opens with 2 black characters who are clearly different. They obviously know one another, as the male who was swimming calls him "bro", but there is a sense of awkwardness as the hotel worker is dressed smartly, doesn't have dreadlocks and doesn't talk the same. Therefore, the micro aspects of mise en scene and sound (dialogue) have represented ethnicity in 2 different ways.The swimming lad is represented in a more negative stereotypical way because he wants to party and smoke "ganja" etc - his behaviour is associated with urban youths.
    The second clip also represents ethnicity in a rather negative way as the chinese man is represented to be a dirty old man! Don't be afraid to write about people's backgrounds - it is a vital part of ethnicity.
    Your use of terminolgy is quite good and references to the text are frequent. However, you haven't tackled the actual question of ethnicity at all so this would really bring your grade down.
    Exp/An/Arg - 7
    Egs - 10
    Term - 5
    This would be roughly a low E grade. Be more confident if this issue comes up!Good luck on Wednesday :)